#11 Mouk Town Mashup

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Cropmaster Flex dropping some chewy beats and baselines.

Track List:

  1. Fort Knox Five – The Big Score
  2. Dreadzone – King dub rock
  3. Gnarls Bootley – Crazy (bootleg)
  4. Plump DJ’s vs Max Sedgley – Happy (bootleg)
  5. Plump DJs – Donna Kebab (I feel Love bootleg)
  6. Plump DJs – Funk hits the fan
  7. Infekto – Me Myself and Infecto
  8. Plump DJs – Electro Disco
  9. Krafty Kuts – Uptight
  10. White Label – In And Outta Space
  11.  Leftfield – Left of Life (Song of Life bootleg)
  12.  Leftfield – Open Up by Zoo DJ’s vs Leftfield
  13. Plump DJs – Squeaks and Bleeps
  14. Unknown – Kiss My Bass
  15. Cropmaster Flex (Mashup) – Kick Everybody in the Back
  16. Unknown – Pappas got a brand new brown paper bag

#10 OMG it’s summer

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The sun has finally come out. It’s weird. Luckily there’s a lot of tunes out at the moment with some real big bass-lines….

Track List:

  1. The Night Writers – Let The Music [Use You] (12″ Mix)
  2. Ralf GUM, Hugh Masekela – In The City (Ralf GUM Main Mix)
  3. Eddy & Dus, Eddy, Dus – A From B
  4. Fake Blood – Hornets (Original Mix)
  5. MR & Mrs Dale – It’s You
  6. Man Without A Clue – Morning (Original Mix)
  7. 2ndSun – Control (Original Mix)
  8. Lauhaus, Kabale Und Liebe – Hiphouse (Original Mix)
  9. Roska, Jamie George – Higher (Extended Dub Mix)
  10. Frederique – Mainstream Gibberish
  11. PBR Streetgang, Kian T – Move on, Don’t Want Me (Kian T Remix)
  12. Redeye – Auxy Sat 23-13-19
  13. Jakwob – Footwork
  14. Jazzanova, Paul Randolph, Fred Everything – I Human (Fred Everything Expression)
  15. Fouk – Kill Frenzy
  16. Tru Concept, DevelopMENT, Romany, Roska – If You Want Me (Roska Remix)
Free Track

The Weeknd “Earned It (Lars Behrenroth Dark Edit)”

Nice free track from Lars at Deeper Shades of House

My wife and her friend pointed out the original to me and I thought there’s potential to make it ‘housey’ ..

I tried a few things and what you hear stuck ..
Simple, dirty and quick ..

Some of my friends have been playing it and apparently it’s getting some nice reactions on the dancefloor ..


Free Track

Redeye – Getting Better [mushroom mix]

Just playing with some acid. Heavy free acid tune with some nice chords.

#9 Eye Sucker

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So, Athena the chameleon tried to suck out Gee’s eye ball with it’s super nasty tongue. It was funny,  this mix celebrates it. Some real killer tunes this week, loving the “Nowhere to hide” track.

Track List:

  1. Redeye – Auxysat
  2. Sharktooth – In Space (Original Mix)
  3. 2020 Soundsystem – Psycho
  4. Shaun J. Wright, Alinka – Nowhere To Hide (Original Mix)
  5. SanXero, Mr. V, Louie Vega – Let’s Freak (Louie Vega Remix)
  6. Cosmin TRG – Negligee
  7. Golf Clap – Recovery Room (Original Mix)
  8. Dantiez Saunderson – Soul Tek
  9. P.Barry – Come Home (Roy Davis Jr. Remix)
  10. Luke Solomon, Nick Maurer – Body Movement
  11. Kink – Cloud Generator
  12. Samuel L Session – Hype-Nosis (Instrumental)
  13. Sadam Ant – Baby Brother (DJ Fudge Mix)
  14. Roy Davis Jr. – Wonderin’ (Vocal) – Roy Davis Jr.
  15. Ralf GUM, Hugh Masekela – With Her Hand (Moodymann Remix)
  16. Phuture – Your Only Friend
Free Trax

Moodymanc “Sugar Hill” (Rick Wade’s Unreleased Mix)

Really nice soulful house track from MoodyManc. Lovely FREE tune. Thanks guys.

A previously unreleased re-mix by the original Daddy himself, Rick Wade of “Sugar Hill” from the “Father” ep. Yours as a FREE DOWNLOAD by kind permission of Landed Records. Please feel free to spread the love by re-posting and playing out LOUD!

Free Trax

Frankie Knuckles “Baby Wants to Ride” (Jimmy Edgar Edit)

Jimmy Edgar totally rocking out the seminal “Baby wants to ride” by Frankie Knuckles. Killer mix for a classic track.

Free Trax

Soul Tek (Original Mix)

Nice track from dantiez saunderson. Tricky little vocal hook and a safe drone. Won’t stop traffic, but will make your feet move.



#8 Winter’s Coming [Redeye]

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Game of Thrones frenzy in effect everywhere right now. Winter is coming and it will be cold. Here’s a selection of house and techno straight from the oven… Loving the Louie Vega remix up first and one of my favourite tunes ever “Dr Bootygrabber” the Samuel L Session mix…

Track List:

  1. SanXero, Mr. V, Louie Vega – Let’s Freak (Louie Vega Remix)
  2. Jerome Sydenham, Aybee, Ron Trent – The Rig
  3. Steve Poindexter – Work That Mother Fucker (Paul Johnson Remix)
  4. Nebraska – Aw-rite (Mute Version)
  5. Lewis Boardman, Luke Solomon – Work on Me (Luke Solomon’s Body Edit)
  6. David Duriez & Manuel-M – Unreasonnable Feelings
  7. Samuel L Session – Rhodes Ampy
  8. Detroit Grand Pubahs – Dr Bootygrabber (Samuel L Session Remix)
  9. K Alexi Shelby – I Can Go (TecSoul Mx2)
  10. Man Without A Clue – Back 2 Da Old Skool (Original Original No Build Up Mix)
  11. Robert Hood Presents Floorplan – Funky Souls
  12. Flow & Zeo, Nytron, Tea Lyrics – Move Over (Original Mix)
  13. Kink – Cloud Generator
  14. Aril Brikha – Setting Sun

#7 Orange Elephant [Redeye]

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Oranges are not elephants. Repeat. Tasty new tunes in this mix. Could Generator is massive, in every way and it’s nice to have a bit of Wink in here too.

Track List:

  1. @Redeye – Derk the daring and his amazing fireball [Detroit Mix]
  2. Samuel L Session – Rhodes Ampy
  3. Mark Henning – Pusher (Original Mix)
  4. Lawrence – Manhattan
  5. Iron Curtis – Care
  6. Kito Jempere – Do You Know Me (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)
  7. Efdè – Move On
  8. Traffic Signs, Jake the Rapper – Cookie Jar (Steve Bug’s Dirty Fingers Mix)
  9. Josh Wink – Talking To You
  10. Guti – El Solitario (Carl Craig Remix)
  11. Tommy Bones – Black Concept
  12. Seph – Jade (Original Mix)
  13. Brad Peterson – Virtual Headspace (Original Mix)
  14. Kink – Cloud Generator